TMJ Therapy – Corpus Christi, TX

Relieving Chronic Jaw Soreness

Animated facial profile with red spot over jaw indicating pain before T M J therapy

Do you struggle with frequent discomfort in your jaw, face, or neck? If so, you might have TMJ disorder, also called TMD, which affects the jaw joints. Since you use these joints every time you talk, eat, laugh, or smile, chronic TMJ pain can severely hinder your day-to-day life. Luckily, Dr. Rob Madry can diagnose TMD and provide a number of conservative treatments aimed at relieving chronic jaw soreness. Call us today to explore your options TMJ therapy in Corpus Christi, TX!

Why Choose Rob Madry, DDS for TMJ Therapy?

  • Advanced Digital X-Rays for Ultraprecise Diagnoses
  • Caring Dentist with Over Two Decades of Experience
  • Fair, Transparent Pricing with Zero Hidden Fees

What Is TMJ?

Animated person in need of T M J therapy holding jaw

People often use the term “TMJ” to refer to any problem with the jaw joint, but that’s not entirely accurate. The TMJ, which stands for temporomandibular joint, is actually the joint that connects your jaw to the rest of your skull and allows you to open and close your mouth. These joints are some of the most intricate in the human body, so when they’re subjected to strain, it can cause serious discomfort. The problems that occur in and around that joint are called TMJ disorder, or TMD.

Laser TMJ Therapy

Man receiving laser T M J therapy

One way to treat severe cases of TMD is with laser therapy. Dr. Madry can apply a precise, low-level infrared light directly to the dysfunctional areas of the TMJs. The laser assists with blood flow and stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. As a result, it quickly reduces pain and inflammation without the need for surgery or medication. Better yet, laser TMJ therapy (also known as photobiomodulation) only takes a few minutes, and most patients find the experience to be completely painless.