Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Corpus Christi, TX

Cutting Edge Technology for the Highest Quality Care

Dentistry is always marching forward, and modern dental offices need to be able to march along with it. Dr. Madry has incorporated state-of-the-art instruments such as soft tissue lasers and all-digital X-rays into our dental office so that our patients can enjoy treatments that are more precise, comfortable, and efficient than ever before. This page gives a brief overview of some of our technological offerings so that you have an idea of the level of care we provide before you call for an appointment.

Intraoral Cameras

Dentist and dental patient using at images from intraoral camera

Intraoral cameras let us take pictures of your teeth and gums from different angles. This can help us catch smaller oral health issues that might be easy to overlook, but the real advantage is that we can show our patients exactly what we see when we look inside their mouths. You won’t be left wondering what we’re talking about when we’re describing a dental health problem that needs to be dealt with right away; you’ll have a clear visual reference to help you understand what’s going on and make informed decisions about your smile.

All-Digital X-Rays

Dentist and dental patient looking at digital x-rays

If you’ve ever visited a dentist’s office before, chances are you’ve already had dental X-rays taken. Radiography has long been an invaluable diagnostic tool for dentists, and digital technology has only made it even more useful. With Dexis digital X-rays, we can have the necessary images developed immediately instead of having to work in a chemical-filled darkroom, and we’ve been able to reduce the amount of radiation that our patients are exposed to by up to 80%.

Digital Impression System

Digital bite impressions on chairside computer

Our iTero® Element™ scanner allows us to create full three-dimensional models of your teeth and gums in a short amount of time. This means that we no longer have to take physical impressions using uncomfortable, foul-tasting dental putty. All we need to do is scan your mouth to gather all the information needed to create restorations that fit comfortably and match the size, shape, and color of the rest of the teeth.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue laser dentistry system

A Gemini™ laser has a number of advantages over traditional dental instruments when it comes to treating gum disease and performing other procedures involving soft tissue. For one thing, lasers are so gentle that oftentimes the procedure can be performed with no local anesthetic, and there’s very little bleeding afterward. For another, lasers are very precise, making it easier for us to treat the target area without affecting the rest of the mouth.

Cavity Detection System

Dentist and dental patient looking at read out from cavity detection system

Some cavities are so small or well-hidden that even the most thoroughly trained or experienced dentist may need help finding them at the earliest possible stage. Our iTero Element 5D® imaging system aids us in detecting decay anywhere in your mouth so that we can treat it right away. The scans can be completed very quickly, and they give us a chance to point directly to the problem areas so that you can see the issue for yourself.

In-House Milling Machine

In office dental restoration milling unit

Our in-house milling machine enables our team to design, fabricate, and place custom-made porcelain restorations in a single visit. The technology relies on computer-aided design and manufacturing, and the entire process can be completed while you relax in the chair. In the past, getting a porcelain crown used to require multiple visits spaced weeks apart, but now, we can fully repair a tooth and make it look like new in about an hour.